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Enthralled by its pristine beauty and purity, our family has travelled to Australia’s mystical Top End and Far North Queensland for many years.  We’ve always been amazed by the survival and resilience of the Australian crocodiles that reside in this wilderness.  Their impenetrable skin remains resilient in the most extreme of tropical environments.  After years of research and insight, we know that the crocodile has one of the most powerful immune systems in nature which has remained relatively unchanged for centuries.

Heralded for centuries as a “Miracle Oil”, crocodile oil has a similar composition to human skin oil and as a result it is easily absorbed and can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.



Golden8 源於澳洲 - 獲得權威袋鼠三角標誌認證 全線產品 「無藥性 不含類固醇」蘊含天然純凈 鱷魚油成份 Omega 3, 6, 7, 9 有效滋潤修復濕敏皮膚、痕癢肌。